Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another trip

**Okay, I have delayed this post that I wrote awhile back, but figure I may as well post it now. Don't feel like reading through it again, so hope it sounds okay**

I have delayed this post as I haven't felt like writing it. As is, I am not sure if I will post it right away anyways. I received my MRI results on the Monday April 11th which said things were clear. On Thursday April 14th I heard back from my local doctor about my bone scan, to which I was told that I had inflammation at my pubic symphysis, but it wasn't terribly intense. Suggested result was Osteitis Pubis. 

Hmm okay. My Doctor in town still swears all my issues are caused by my tilted pelvis. I believe I left the doctors office VERY frustrated. Through a few e-mails with Dr. Green, I decided to attend another appointment on Friday April 15th in Vancouver for another assessment prior to having him go out of the office for a month. He advised me that his last appointment for the day was at 11:30 and that he would be at the office until 2pm anyways, so I could come in anytime between 12 and 2. So Friday morning, I was on the 8:30am ferry to Vancouver.

Waiting to leave Nanaimo, looking out at a huge waste of money, the superferries that they rarely use

From the ferry


Getting closer to Vancouver


On the bus going over Lions Gate Bridge   


I had a little bit of time to kill when switching buses downtown, so I took some photos and stood in the sun cause I was freezing in the shade (darn wind)!

These posters made me sad... Vancouver Sun Run. I was going to run it this  year (huge congrats to all my friends who ran!)

Hello sister! (St. Paul's Hospital)

Welcome back to the Allan McGavin Sports Clinic, this time its not pouring with rain!

I arrived at about noon and got in right away. Dr. Green did another assessment and again was very perplexed. He stated that my abdominal and core seemed much stronger before. He was unsure why I had the hip pain and we discussed whether I thought the abdominal pain would go away on its own. Both of us were unsure. He stated that the first time I saw him, he felt that my core was the main issue and was leaning heavily towards a sports hernia, but this time, he wasn't sure anymore. After 40 minutes I left there with the thoughts that it was either the Osteitis Pubis causing the pain, or a sports hernia or possibly both. He suggested and I agreed to a 2-4 week rest trial with no cross training, no running to see what happens. He also said he would make a referral to a surgeon at VGH (Vancouver General Hospital) for Sports Hernia, but I likely won't even get my first appointment until mid summer.

I booked it back up the road to the bus exchange and caught the next bus back downtown to head out to the ferry home. While it was a rushed trip, I was glad the appointment ended when it did so that I could make the 3pm ferry home and be back in my house by 5pm. If I had missed the 3pm ferry, I would have had to wait until 5pm, which would have made a really long day!

Bus exchange at UBC

 Killing time on the bus watching Big Bang Theory

Burrard Bridge on the way home (BMO Vancouver Marathon poster advertising)

After all the walking around in Vancouver, I came home with a very sore hip. I spent that night and the rest of the weekend mostly lying around on the couch. Okay at times and aching at other times. It was definitely a change from running and cross training and I certainly wish I had just done the full on rest a long long time ago; however, I cannot change the past so can only move forward.

So here I am now.... this is Thursday, day #7 of rest. It is amazing how much longer the days are when you don't spend them working out. I have a lot of time to pass before going to work now. So 7 days of rest, you might be wondering how things are going. On and off achy. One day is good, the next not so much. The abdominal/groin pain is still there, but that is no surprise. It has been there since Dec 09 remember?! 

Since the appointment I have been in contact with Dr. Green voicing my doubts about my previous MRI. I inquired as to whether it just covered the outer hip or if my lower abdominal/pelvic region was covered. I want confirmation as to if it is OP or if it is SH. It is hard to rehab without knowing. I received a response last night that stated that Dr. Green had spoken to the top sports radiologist at St. Paul's hospital and that it was suggested I get a new MRI of my abdominal/pelvic region and also an ultrasound. I sent my back my agreement to this and haven't heard back yet. I have no idea when these new tests will be scheduled, but I am sure I won't hear back anything until at least next week now due to the long weekend. I hope there is not a long wait and that they can sneak me in. 

In the meantime... I rest and wait.

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