Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MRI Results Finally.....

I received my results, but don't get too excited. My results showed (drum roll please)........ NOTHING. See below. 


COMPARISON STUDY: None available.

PERTINENT HISTORY: Rule out labral pathology.

TECHNIQUE: Coronal, axial, sagittal T1 fat sats with gadolinium,
along with coronal T2 fat sat with gadolinium, and oblique axial
images through the right hip.


Alignment is anatomic. Bone marrow signal is within normal limits.

There is no evidence of a labral tear. Cartilage is maintained.

No ligamentous abnormalities are detected.

Within the limited sequences obtained, no abnormalities are seen
within the pelvis or remaining soft tissues.


No abnormalities detected.


I had my bone scan yesterday. That was easy. The worst part was that I worked until 11:15pm on Sunday night and had to be at NRGH by 7am to get injected with radioisotopes around 7:30. 


I was then sent home, which I spent at the gym, before returning at 10:15am to get my scan done. The scan took about 30 minutes, in which I had 2 scans just over 4 minutes long each of my lower back and pelvis, then one 360 scan that went all around my pelvis that took about 14 minutes. They played the most boring nature dvd with music that nearly put me to sleep. A quiet machine compared to the MRI. 

Basically looked like this

Oh I should point out when I first went in, they took a scan just after they injected to show blood flow. At first she said, so we are scanning your tibia and fibula region? I was like uhh no. My referral said stress fracture, which they automatically assume is lower leg. Luckily I corrected them. The girl then added on lower back as she said sometimes the pain is referred. Nice that they went the extra step. 

My doctor in Vancouver still believes that this bone scan will come back clear. His suggestion is to attend another appointment with him in Vancouver at the Sports Med clinic for a new assessment. At which point, if he still thinks its a sports hernia (which he does) then he will refer me to a surgeon to discuss options. I know of one person who is going through this and has his appointment for June and this is only to DISCUSS surgery. Plus he booked it a few months ago. I can't imagine when I would get in.

So after a 1.5 week wait for MRI results, they were disappointing. That small part of me is holding onto hope that the bone scan shows something, but I am not holding my breath. What will be will be. But in the meantime, I am not going to lie. I am frustrated as can be and have NO idea what to do or which way to go.  

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