Monday, May 9, 2011

Cable Bay

Back on Friday April 29th, I decided to start hiking. I officially hit the 2 week mark of complete rest. It was suggested to me that after 2 weeks, to try hiking to give my body something to do that was light impact. I decided to stay close to home to start with and investigate the Cable Bay Trail as I had never been there before. 

It was a gorgeous day, but I dressed in layers as I had no idea how warm I would get. I found the trail head after searching directions online. No fancy signs at the entrance, but it was obviously the start. 

Signs on the road leading to the trail (it's as close as I could get to a sign with the trail name!)

Trail entrance from the parking lot

I began walking along the trail and found it quite relaxing. The trails were wide enough to fit a few people wide and it seemed well marked. I knew going into the hike that apparently it is downhill on the way out and then uphill on the way back. I hiked at a fairly quick pace, pausing to take photos here and there.

Not far from the trail head

Lovely aroma in the trails. Mmm Skunk Cabbage!

 Plenty of this along the way too (mud mud mud)

After 2 weeks, definitely enjoying being active on a gorgeous day!

 I reached the end of the trail after around 20 minutes I believe. I had always thought of running the trail, but always knew the trail wasn't that long to the bay. Normally, if it takes me 20 minutes to walk that definitely isn't a trail long enough to run; however, I did not realize that when I reached the end of Cable Bay Trail, I could continue out to Joan Point and Dodd's Narrow (which looks out at Mudge Island). I found this out prior to my hike by searching online, but I didn't realize how far the trails went out to get to the end point. 

Cable Bay View

Officially the end of the trail

 But don't quit walking... the 2nd part of the hike was the highlight!

 A view out towards Nanaimo

 Single track trail along the waters edge

I am tough! (couldn't resist the dorky photo op)

On the beach

Entering Joan Point Park

Towards Dodd's Narrow. The water flow there is FAST!


 Made it to Dodd's Narrow! Mudge Island is behind me (never knew it was there)

Close up of the FAST water!

This guy loved the current, but only let me take 1 photo. Went underwater each time I tried afterward. Apparently he is shy!

 More hiking!

At about 45 minutes I hit a log road. I had no idea where I was. I went left on the road for a bit and found a rock sculpture. I had no idea where the road went, so I turned around and went back the way I came. 

 Trail between a downed tree

Trail between rocks

 Leaving Joan Point back towards Cable Bay

Back in Cable Bay. This is a sad sight. They are clear cutting in order to build housing and a golf course =(

Someone out here feeds the animals

 ACK!! Just kidding, likely from a big dog I saw earlier

Overall, I spent about 90 minutes of actual hiking time. I think I was gone for about 2 hours, but I didn't keep track of all my stopping time. It was VERY tempting not to run as the trails were gorgeous and the weather was ideal. This was the first of many hikes. More to come later!

As an update on the injury, I have called St.Paul's twice now to try and get an idea of a timeline. Left 2 messages, no answer back. I called the 2nd time a week after the 1st time, so its not like I am harassing them. Maybe I should call every day until they finally pick up? Kidding. 4 weeks rest is coming up soon though, so fingers crossed it has helped! 

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