Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exploring Hemer!

The Saturday and Sunday (April 30th and May 1st) after my Cable Bay hike, I was busy in Port Alberni with the NDSS high school track team so I was unable to fit in any hikes. I did get a nice sun burn on my head where my hair part was. That became fun a week later, when it peeled and became itchy. Note to self to wear a hat or make sure I have no hair part next time! There were many great performances with each of our kids qualifying in some way for the Island Championships (May 18th and 19th).

I got back into the hiking on Monday morning. I decided to stay close to home and opted to hike in Hemer Park. I run through this park all of the time; however, there was one trail that I didn't know where it went so I decided to explore it. You see, when I run, I tend to have timed routes so if I have a 45 easy run I have a set route. If its 60 easy, its another route etc. This hike was the perfect time to just simply wander around. 

It turns out the one trail that I thought simply went on the far side of the water and back to an upper field, ended up leading to an upper loop that was a decent distance in length. I ended up wandering around for about 90 minutes total. 

Welcome to Hemer Park!

View from the Parking Lot
Trail Map
View from the lookout

Lots of this today!

 Never even knew this pond existed!

Familiar Aroma!

One of many friends I met along the way

Loving the new trails!

Some large puddles along the way

At this point, I figured this was the end of the road and decided that I would try to go further in the summer when the water levels went down. This was a nice STINKY deep puddle overflowing from the pond on the right.

That was until I found a way climbing through the bushes

View from the other side. I didn't get too far, finding WAY more mud and puddles and before I knew it I turned back the way I came. 

I have run this trail 100's of times!

The result of winter 2010. A huge tree fell down. 

This muddy from only walking! 

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