Sunday, December 19, 2010

After Party and then some

I have decided that the after party really wasn't all that spectacular to write a whole blog post about it. It was a fun night with a great group of people. I must say that it was an amusing night where I have never seen so many people get kicked out of a bar. 

Coach Matt, Myself, Natasha, Melissa and Catherine

The next day we were able to sleep in, have some breakfast and take our time getting ready as we were not leaving Guelph until late morning. Nice to have a 1pm flight (Victoria crew) or a 1:30pm flight (Vancouver crew). We were all surprised to get onto our bus from Guelph to the airport. That is right, Team BC rides in style with a party bus!

Everyone was taking their turns getting photos on the bus, so I thought why not!

Party bus!

Natasha, Catherine and I on the party bus!

We arrived at the airport well before our flights. They were very strict on their security in Toronto. I never had my stuff searched, but a few ladies from the master's team did. And when I say searched, they took out everything and looked in every container etc. Thank goodness I picked the faster line up as the other line took forever to get through. We all hung around and chatted until all of us Victoria bound people boarded our flight. 

The way home was a gong show. From Toronto to Winnipeg where we did not exit the plane. 

Flying into Winnipeg

So pretty above the clouds!

From Winnipeg it was onto Calgary, where we spent over 2 hours killing time in the airport! Hello Calgary Airport!

Finally from Calgary we were on our way home to Victoria. Snow in Toronto, snow in Winnipeg, snow in Calgary to GREEN in Victoria which wasn't the way we left it!

Most of the teams trip was done at this point; however, after arriving in Victoria just before 7:30, Jason picked me up and we were off on our drive home to Nanaimo. But it wasn't going to be THAT easy. On the Malahat just outside of Victoria we hit construction. We arrived there around 8:15.... construction started at 8pm. Erg. So a 15-20 minute delay and then we were on our way in the middle of backed up traffic. With a stop for food on the way home, I got home at around 10pm. Long day, with about 12 hours total of travel time! But definitely worth it!

So since Nationals, I took an easy week as a break and then am working my way back into training. So far it is going well. I was graced with a lovely sight on a run this week. Just regular run on a route I use quite frequently in Cedar and 2 animals (unsure if they were sheep, rams or goats as I didn't really get a good look) standing on a little mound of dirt decided to give everyone a show. There was one standing behind the other.... yep you guessed it, decided to have his way with the other. I believe I said "Are you kidding" and laughed while continuing on my way. Didn't last long before he jumped back down, who knows if the show continued. 

Yesterday I was given a nice snow/rain shower during my long run. At one point it came down quite hard, dusting parts of the trail with light snow/slush. It was a fun run though and I thank Phil for keeping me company on the last half. 

Now Christmas is less than a week away. Hard to believe. I am still also not in the Christmas spirit. A few gifts left to pick up and all the wrapping to be completed. I have 3 Christmas dinners to attend this weekend, so it will be a busy one. 

Stay tuned, an important update to come at some point as well! 

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