Sunday, September 8, 2013

7000ft Update!

I have been in Flagstaff for 10 days now. Time seems to move slowly, yet also so fast. I miss home, but I do not want to go home if that makes any sense. I miss things and people at home, but going home means going back to reality (aka work) and that for the most part I do not miss.

For the most part, things have still been going great training wise. I have had a few tired days, but that is normal as those tired days tend to come the day after a hard workout. I get the same feeling at home, so it is no different here. My runs and workouts are not far off what I run at home, which is a huge improvement over last year. 

I am running often and I am running a lot. The nice part is that after I run, I have the time to recover properly. None of this "I have to go to work" stuff. I have found that it has made a huge difference with how my body feels. To those "pros" whose job is to simply run and be the best they can, I envy you. 

Oh wow, so I initially started this blog last week. Here I am on Day uhh.. 18 or 19 (something like that). Training is going really well. I feel fitter than ever and am running some pretty great workouts. Definitely getting excited about my upcoming fall race season! I keep getting told that I am in for some good races and while that is what I am hoping for, anything can happen on race day no matter how fit one feels. I do believe if all goes well I should be in for some success. 

I really do not have a lot to say about training as I am not one to reveal details of workouts. I feel those details are for my coach and I and don't need to be plastered all over the internet. I have had some strong workouts and I look forward to seeing this hard work pay off. 

Flagstaff weather has been up and down which is typical for this time of year. It's monsoon season, so generally mornings are sunny and warm up quite quickly (I think at night it is getting down to like 10 degrees or so) and then in the afternoon at some point (or late morning) the clouds roll in and bring thunder, lightning and sometimes heavy rains. 

Once the storm (or 2 or 3) roll over, the sun comes back out. Temperature in the day can be anything like 15 right now (stormy day all morning, very little sun though it is trying right now) to mid 20's. Not too hot, not too cold = perfect for this gal!

I have done a few non running related adventures, which I may get around to posting about, but for the most part it is running and recovering. A lot of time spent watching movies etc. Very relaxing that is for sure! My coworkers think I am nuts for wanting to go up into the mountains and spend my vacation running, but to me..... this is vacation. I don't need a sandy beach, or casinos, the hottest night clubs or super hot unbearable weather, simply give me the ability to fully focus on training and recovery and I am a happy girl. This is the life! Some photos below

Sunrise on the way to Phoenix
 Same Sunrise
 Trail shots!

 The one downside to running on a dirt road..... Dust from cars (tastes yummy)

 Cody also likes to sit at the table during meals
 Tanner having a nap
 Please feed me

Sleepy Puglet


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