Thursday, September 12, 2013

Caught in a Flash Flood

Tuesday I ended up heading down to Sedona to check out the sites. I had been there last year, but it is such a beautiful place that I wanted to go again. Not to mention it isn't a very long drive so it is very accessible. I had planned to go Monday, but the day called for pouring rain. Webcams in Sedona looked horrible, so I decided to forgo the trip Monday and try again Tuesday. 

After my run, shower and breakfast I headed out. First stop I made was at Bells Rock. There were dark clouds looming, but I thought I would hike up the trail anyway. 

Start of the hike

Dark clouds moved by and I thought I was safe

I probably went about 10 minutes up the trail and then the rain started. Okay, when they say "Flash Flood Warning" I now know what they mean. 

 Rain started

There I was out on the trail (I could see others up on the rock not long before as well), when it just dumped rain and continued to dump rain. I thought it would just blow over in a few minutes, but then I realized in mere minutes I was already getting absolutely drenched. I attempted to take cover under a tree. Little creeks turned into gushing streams. 

It wasn't long before I realized the tree was a little help, but not good enough. 

While under the tree it started to rain even harder 
I jumped a stream that had formed while I was under the tree and got my feet soaked. I then proceeded to run down the trail back towards my car, trying my best to keep my camera from getting ruined. How do you keep a camera dry when everything on you is wet. Thankfully it survived the storm. 

This wasn't there when I went under the tree

Crossed the stream

This one clearly shows the water flowing down the rock

I got back to the parking lot and took refuge under the information sign. 

Taking cover

Soaking wet


Minutes later a HUGE flash of lightning right next to Bells Rock and then a loud crash of lightning. I would say within 15 minutes the rain stopped and the sun came back out. The storm moved on towards the rest of Sedona. It was quite neat to watch; however, it left me soaked. I could literally ring out my jacket. My shorts were soaked right through, my shoes were soaked, my tank top under my jacket was also damp. Come on sun, I needed you to dry me out. 

Post Storm

My "I am soaked" pose

Storm aftermath

 Storm heading over Sedona

Eventually my shorts went from soaked to damp and then to mostly dry. My shoes on the other hand stayed wet and my jacket was a write off. In the end the sun came out for most of the rest of the day and then when I stopped for a late lunch, the clouds rolled in again and yet another downpour. Roads were flooding within minutes. At that point, I decided just to head back to Flagstaff. 

To say the least it was an interesting day. Coming from the West Coast, what is a little rain? I laughed it off and still enjoyed my day.

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