Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saucony Shipment and What's Up Next!

I am getting kind of bad at this whole blogging thing. You see, while I was away in Flagstaff I blogged quite often because I was doing things that were somewhat interesting; however, since returning home and back to the grind of training/working/eating/sleeping, things don't necessarily seem interesting enough to make people read it! So you all end up with race reports and only race reports. Sorry about that! 

Recently, I received my fall/winter shipment from Saucony Canada. WOW! They spoiled us! I love the gear. I mean I always have; however, I really love their new Kinvara line. If you looked in my closet, it is actually kind of sad looking to those who are into fashion. Let's just say that a majority of my clothes are Saucony running clothes. I have a few nice tops/pants, but I am not going to lie here. I live in Saucony clothing about 95% of the time I am not at work. Work is spent in scrubs. What can I say, I like to be comfy. 

Thanks Saucony!

 So what's next? This weekend I will compete in the 2012 Goodlife Fitness Half Marathon. This is the 3rd time I have competed in the half marathon; however, it is also the 14th time I have taken part in the overall event. As my bio says, I started running early at age 8. By age 10 I was running some road races (smart? probably not). I looked back on results and not only did I see my debut 8km in 1991 (would have turned 10 the following week) in a finish time of 34:02. Yeah I was a freak show fast kid.

I also saw that I took part in the 8km between 1991-1996, and then the 10km when it was changed for 1997-1998. I then had a long break, which is consistent with me quitting track in 1999. I competed again in the 8km in 2007 and 2011. Then the half marathon in 2008-2010. So provided I calculated the correct results, that is the 8km x 8, 10km x 2, Half x 3. So this will be 14 times in my (almost) 31 years of life! Almost half my life! Wish me luck!

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