Monday, October 29, 2012

Let's Make it Official!


First off, I would like to say thank you so much for reading my blog. With over 650 hits on my Victoria Half Marathon Blog, I am very humbled by seeing how many people were reached by my recap of the race.

Now for the main reason of this post! I am incredibly happy and excited to announce that I received confirmation this morning that Saucony will continue to support me throughout 2013. Each October, existing athletes are required to reapply and I always slightly worry that maybe this year, I didn't perform well enough to keep their support! Now I have another year to continue to work hard in order to make Saucony proud!

This may sound like I am only saying it because I am sponsored by them; however, I am truly in love with Saucony products (really!). They are a great brand and if you saw me often, you would rarely see me in anything but Saucony apparel. This includes when it comes to regular clothes. You might get lucky if I dress up and go out for the night, but otherwise I wear a lot of Saucony and on my feet, you will likely see me in Kinvara's. It is my go to shoe and I only change it up for some shorter races where I might hit the A5 or Fastwitch 5. 

Nevertheless, I am excited for 2013. Now that I have achieved some goals such as sub 18 for the 5km, sub 37 for the 10km and sub 80 for the half marathon, I have set some bigger more exciting goals. These goals will require some hard work and determination; however, I am ready to put in that work. 

Thanks again Saucony! I really appreciate the continued support from  you!

** Stay tuned later this week for some upcoming race reports as I completed 2 back to back races this past Saturday and Sunday. 

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