Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Goal Achieved

1:19:57!!!!!! FINALLY broke that darn 80' barrier that has eluded me all year! I am working on a race report as we speak. Might wait until some race photos are posted though. Look for a more detailed race report closer to the weekend!


Cat said...

Congratulations Erin! That is so fantastic. I hope the recovery is going well

Cindy said...

hi erin!

congrats on the fabulous time!

thank you for posting what happened to me last sunday - it answers so many questions for me and i find it comforting to now know what happened. i couldn't understand how i didn't have any bruises from falling and how my garmin stopped at 2:10! as i read your post, little bits would flash back...it's a little hazy, but it's coming back. :)

it's also funny what a small world this is...i was alerted to the tweet you sent wondering how i was, as i'm a coworker of someone from the marathon committee, and once i looked you up on twitter, i realized i was already a follower of your blog and had watched you and natasha race at the q100.3 track series!

thanks again to you, natasha and your friend for helping me that day...i can't tell you how grateful i am. i always tell people that the running community is the best and what you ladies and other wonderful people did for me that day shows exactly why.

cindy :)