Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just call me a model!

No lies that I have been neglecting my blog recently. The internet was pissing me off, I banned myself from Facebook for a bit in order to deal with it. I was less than motivated to write because of it; however, I have decided to finally update it. I should mention that I have also been pretty busy with work.

Speaking of work, my poor co-worker who works opposite evenings as me (in my assisted living department we only have 4 staff, 2 mornings and 2 evenings) sent me a text back in August telling me that he had torn his Achilles tendon while playing floor hockey. While he isn't a complete hard core runner, he does enjoy to run and even goes in races and had planned on the Good Life Fitness Half Marathon on October 9th (obviously out of the question now). After going through my injury, I knew exactly what he was going through, though with his requiring surgery it was probably worse.

While it sucks for him, that meant that he was now off of work and that opened up extra shifts for me. So now instead of part time, I am working full time with 3 extra shifts every 2 weeks. So yes, I am busy busy busy. It's amazing that after working part time for nearly 3 years (7 shifts within 2 weeks), how hard it feels to work 10 shifts (yes I realize that this is normal for most of the world). No word on when he will be back, but I am sure I will be sick of working the extra shifts by the time he does! Get better Andy!

In other news, just over a week ago I took part in a photo shoot for a calendar featuring Vancouver Island Runners. The calendar is 100% for charity and will benefit the BC Cancer Society. A lovely lady named Skye Overall is organizing it and it will feature numerous runners from both Victoria and Nanaimo. I was lucky enough to be selected for the project.

First off, I met Darcie at Rich 1 Salon where Rich himself donated his time doing both hair and make up. This was the longest it had ever taken me to get ready for a "run" before. Definitely weird to be pampered and at one point he had backcombed my hair on the top of my head, to which I asked if he was giving me a Snookie hair do. Luckily though, after everything was done, it was still a pretty natural look.


From there, it was off to Westwood where I met up with the wonderful photographer Morgan Deno.We then visited a few spots around the lake taking photos. I felt awkward as can be as I simply am not a model. I think the first thing I asked was whether I was supposed to smile when I ran or not because it was something I wasn't used to. Thankfully I was told that I could simply stare straight ahead and run. Perfect! I left the shoot thinking "I hope my photos don't look incredibly stupid." 

Behind the scenes shot (courtesy Damian Allen)

Thankfully, they didn't (I did only see 2 shots though), which are these below. They do not include the one that is being used for the calendar, which I have not seen either. 

The calendar will be out in November sometime and should be available at a running store near you (I think Frontrunners has said they will carry them, Frontrunners Westshore for sure). Remember, all proceeds go to BC Cancer Society, so please buy them (they'll make good Christmas gifts too)!

Overall it was a fun day in which I got to meet some really awesome people in person, including of course Damian Allen, Skye Overall, Kirsty Sheldon, Darcie Nolan, Morgan Deno and of course Rich Tchamourian. Not to mention I briefly met Adam Hawryluk just before leaving (though we weren't formally introduced). Thank you all so much for the fun!  

Also Thank you to Matt Merko at Saucony Canada for sending me a new singlet for the shoot.

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