Sunday, October 23, 2011

GoodLife Fitness 8km

After a very LONG and frustrating 22 months, which included a good 12 months of abdominal pain, 1-2 months of my hip slowly acting up, 3.5 months of no running and a total of 8.5 months since racing, I finally returned back to the start line of a race. It had been just under 5 months since I made my slow return to running with 15 minute runs, where I doubted myself that I would ever get back to my former shape. I still ran with pain off and on as my body reminded me that it was not fully healed; however, I was happy as can be to find myself in Victoria on October 9th for the GoodLife Fitness 8km. 

Originally I had my hopes up to run the half marathon; however, going from 3.5 months of no running and spending 5 months getting back into it, there simply wasn't enough time to get fully ready to take on the half marathon. I am pretty sure I could have run and had a decent race, but when Matt suggested that I run the 8km instead, I realized that he was right. I was kidding myself thinking that I could take a decent crack at the half and what was the point in going out there and having an okay race. I want to really take a run at the half the next time I toe the line. So the change was made to the 8km. 

I took the weekend off work and headed down to Victoria on the Saturday. I had some dinner with my YYJ friends and simply chilled. After a crappy night sleep, I was up and ready to see what I could do. I did a warm up and within 5 minutes my hip started acting up. Oh great I thought as I had been having hip problems recently that seemed connected to my lower back being stuck. I had been to Joe a few times in the weeks leading up to the race in order to be adjusted. Now here I found myself, on race day with my hip feeling off. Thankfully though, I stopped and did a few leg swings and got the biggest POP ever out of my hip. Things were good after that! 

Warm up with Byron (I was actually doing some drills)

On the start line the nerves started in as I stood there with Amy Schneeberg while sporting my ViziPro Orange Saucony gear. 
On the start line (left side)

Amy mentioned that she would be lucky to get 30 flat, to which I said that was the same. I really had no clue what shape I was in, but my ultimate goal was to get as close to 30 flat as possible with the hopes of going sub 30. 

Off we went and Amy and I went out together. We stayed together until about 2km at which point I started to drop back. Amy was so kind in trying to encourage me on and I simply didn't realize that I got so far off pace, but it happened. I struggled between 3-5km and then finally got back into the zone for the final portion of the race. I was in 7th position for females the entire way and was slowly clawing back at Becky Woods. Unfortunately the race ended before I could catch her and I finished 3 seconds back of her at 30:05. 


Glad to be done!


Overall I was slightly disappointed not to break 30 and also due to the fact that I lost focus mid way through the race; however, in the end I was ecstatic to be back out racing and to have a race without the pain I had felt before. The last race I ran was an 8km in January where I ran 29:31. Really if you think about it, 34 seconds back of where I was 8.5 months ago, its nothing to be ashamed of. I could tell though that I lacked the race fitness and tactics. 

Up next is BC XC in Aldergrove on October 29th. I have no idea how this will go, but I know I will have fun and simply enjoy racing. I am finally ready to show off the Saucony name and represent what I am capable of! Thank you to everyone who has hung on beside me, supporting me and offering me encouragement throughout my frustrating ordeal! You guys kept me going! Also thanks to Jonathan Foweraker (Elite Co-ordinator for Goodlife Fitness Weekend) for hotel and entry! 

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Erin!!! I'm sooooooo happy to see you are back racing again and I hope to join you in just a few short weeks!! It really has been a long 22-24 months for both of us. You'll keep getting stronger from here out I have no doubts about it!!