Sunday, October 30, 2011

High School Success

Lately I have been busy with coaching the NDSS high school XC team. We have a great group of kids this year, consisting mostly of girls and a handful of guys. The past few weeks the kids have had their Island Age Group Championships (Oct 18th) where the younger kids were able to run against their own grades and then their Island Championships (Oct 26th) where they raced in a big group of grades 8-12. 

Last year at the Island Championships, our girls team placed 2nd behind Oak Bay (out of Victoria), but this year would be a different story! This year, our girls dominated with Miryam winning the overall race and then thankfully most of our girls (Carly, Becca, Tkia, Abigail, Emma, Rachel, Abbey, Shishton and Ashley) were lumped pretty close together. Top 5 girls scores combine for the team score. 

This year we took top spot, FINALLY dethroning Oak Bay by only 1 point. Let me point out that according to the newspaper, Oak Bay has dominated both the men's and women's division for 9 years. Our girls were ecstatic to take top spot and bring the trophy home to Nanaimo. And not only that, the boys division was taken by another Nanaimo school (Dover Bay). That is right Victoria, Nanaimo has some pretty darn talented kids! Congrats to both NDSS and Dover Bay. 

Excited girls!

Top 3 spots in the girls race all went to Nanaimo kids (Miryam and then Marita and Erica from Nanaimo Christian School). Joel (brother of Marita and Erica) also took bronze in the guys race, so some definite talent up island. 

Top 3 girls (3rd, 2nd, 1st)

Our boys (consisting of Liam, Tyler, Yosef, Mike and Kaleb) ran well too, but unfortunately they did not make BC's. So we are off to Kelowna for Nov 5th for the BC High School Championships. 

Lastly I want to give a big shout out to the bus driver, who wished me good luck in my race as I got off the bus. I didn't realize I looked under 18, but now that I turned 30 on the 17th, I will take that as a compliment! Pretty sure I don't look under 18 though. 

Girls Champs!

Our boys! 

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