Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some of that "white stuff"

Has it really almost been a week already? This last week has been very interesting. Training has continued to go well with little aches in my lower abdominal/hip flexor. That was until today. I had a speed session today and my body was pretty unhappy afterward. Also the foot pain is still there, but appears to be getting better. 

So last Saturday night we were hit with a snow storm. By morning we ended up with about 4-5" of snow. Unfortunately unlike most snow storms on the West Coast, this storm was followed by sunshine and freezing temperatures rather than the usual rain to wash everything away. That means the snow hung around. 

Sunday Morning (my neighbour back there with the red truck comes to plow our driveway whenever it snows, so nice)


Monday morning, I woke up to no water. Great I thought, hoping that it would be running by mid afternoon so I could have a shower after my run and before work. Luckily it was up and running. A house near by had a huge non frozen puddle in their driveway and then flood/fire restoration trucks there later in the day, so I have a feeling that house had something to do with no water at my place! 

The side roads in my area were all packed down with snow and ice, so unfortunately the hard ground paired with the coil breaking through the rubber of my Yak Trax Pro meant RIP Yak Trax; however, after an e-mail to the company I should be expecting a new pair in the mail at some point! Thank you Stephanie at Yak Trax. I will be able to continue training when and if the snow returns. Yak Trax has pledged to keep me up and training whenever I have an issue! If you have not tried out Yak Trax yet, I would suggest to give them a try. They work wonders in the snow!

The snow wasn't done with yet, on Tuesday night around 6:30pm the snow started to fall fast and hard. With a snow warning as well. By the time I left work the roads were all covered and it was a slippery drive home. Gotta love that my front tires are somewhat bald too, but my lovely Tempo got me home! By the next morning we had over a foot of snow on the ground. Thank goodness my workout was Tuesday before the storm! 

Tuesday night when I got home from work (I have no photos of the daytime Wed as it had rained a lot by the time I woke up. Apparently Nanaimo had anywhere from 25-40cm of snow depending on location)

I brought some snow in for Socket, he loves to eat snow

Even more so when you put it in a bowl

I have completed all runs outside in the snow. I have had to run on the main road which has meant fighting with cars as there is snow on the sidewalks. You see they plow the roads, but they plow the roads onto the sidewalk. I end up running on the white line and cars don't like to move over. Thankfully the roads weren't too busy on Wednesday so that I could get around quiet easily. I only had one "jerk" in a truck who was driving down the road with snow all over his windshield try and run me off the road. As I jumped into the knee high snow on the side of the road, I might have flipped him a nice gesture ;) Thankfully he didn't come back. I thought afterward that maybe it wasn't a smart idea. Oh well. 

I am getting awfully sick of running the same route though. I was glad that this latest storm ended with rain so a lot of the snow is washing away. Not gone yet, but hopefully with a few more days of rain, things will go back to the way they are supposed to be on the "wetcoast."
As a bonus here are a few photos from the New Years Day Dip and Run with Bastion Running Club

Start of the run


Phil and I enjoying some hot chocolate/coffee/chili and desserts post run


Anonymous said...

Nice post!! The snow is so pretty and reminds of my days up north as a Marylander. Those drivers are dangerous. I had a jerk get to close to me on my run today.

Molly said...

Oooh such pretty snow. Cold slushy puddles probably not so much fun for running though.