Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Update

The hardest part about blogging is thinking up the darn title. I am not exactly creative today as you can see. ;) 

The rest of the training week went well. My hip flexor/lower abdominal have been co-operating for the most part. I know the issue is still there as I am reminded every so often, but for the most part we have been getting along. I got through my hill workout on Thursday with little issues. I am beginning to become friends with hills. Sure they can be a bugger, but they definitely make me feel stronger afterward. Legs burning, lungs burning as you hit the top, then relief as you go back down to do it all over again! I pick a side road that sees very little cars, but the cars that do drive by likely think that I am absolutely nuts. It's great! 

As I sit here and write this, I currently have a pack of ice on my left foot. I am not sure what I have done, but it feels as though I have bruised my foot near my 2nd smallest toe. I think it looks a bit swollen but its not so painful that I cannot run. I feel it more so when I walk around with no shoes on. I'll keep an eye on it of course, but I am sure it will be okay. The life of a distance runner I suppose. Always taking a beating!

No word from the Allan McGavin sports clinic yet, but I am not surprised. As I said, I have no idea when I will hear from them. I just trust that the doctor I saw actually forwarded my referral as he said. I will update whenever I hear from them. 

In the meantime.... how about those Canucks? ;) Molly and I had a little rivalry going on last Monday when the Canucks visited the Shark tank. It was a good game which ended with the Canucks winning 4-3. There is always next time Molly!? :P

Then there was the Canada vs Russia Gold Medal Junior Hockey game. Not much to say about that. I was at work trying to follow along. I didn't really see any goals, but I kept up with the score. How disappointing. I had to laugh today when I saw TSN airing a replay of the game. Now who in their right mind in Canada would want to watch that game again? Only Russians living in Canada is my guess! Arg. 

Alright, enough rambling for me tonight. Happy training and racing everyone! 

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Anonymous said...

What's the deal with us runners and left foot problems?? Many of us, me included have problems with that foot.