Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Referral completed

I finally made it to a doctor in town to request a referral to see a sports medicine doctor. I am sick of the average GP's who don't know a thing about sports and generally say "if it hurts, don't run." They don't understand what it is like to be an athlete. I was able to get a referral to the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic in Vancouver as I requested, based on a suggestion from my new physio. I have no idea when I will hear from them; however, I hope it is sooner rather than later. After over a year of this darn pain on and off, never really ever going away, I am sick of it. I want to know what it is like to run without pain. 

For instance, my run yesterday was with aches and pains. Nothing too serious, but the pain was there. Then today, I ran my tempo almost completely pain free (except a few twinges here and there); however, hours after I am walking like a granny. This makes me not look forward to tomorrow!  I hope the aches go away throughout the night. 

I go to the physio and try and describe my symptoms and its hard. Nothing seems consistent. How do you explain something that isn't consistent, hurts one day, but not the next. Lasts for so long one day and half the time the another day. My physio did find some strength deficiencies in my right hip and my glutes( surprise surprise, I knew that one). Go figure with the weaker side being the right, that is where all my issues are. 

So from here I continue to train and wait to see someone who can hopefully help me get to the bottom of this. Keep your fingers crossed that I get in soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you find an answer to your problem area soon. You are right, it is no fun to run with pain altough we do for the love of the run. Here's to a future of pain-free running for you! :-]