Sunday, July 25, 2010

Contest Fever

Over the last while I have caught the contest bug from a co-worker. I began entering contests here and there and have a few wins. Wins for myself and also wins under some family member's names (shh).

The first win included Free Nestea for a year. Unfortunately I do not drink Iced Tea; however, Jason inhales it as though it was air. They send out the prize as 52 coupons for 12 packs of Nestea. Here is just a sample of the coupons.

Next up I won some Hey's Luggage, but I have yet to receive it. I won these under my own name (x1), my mom's name (x2) and my dad's name (x1). We should be receiving these at any point. They state they are worth $100 but people receiving them say they have price tags of $79.99. I guess they have to justify for HST or something.

I also took in an 8GB Ipod Touch. This one was from Nestle (Nestea and Luggage was from Coke). I have received the Ipod and have been having fun playing with the features and free apps. Oh and I do find it funny that they sent my IPod with a letter addressed to Darren. And here I am posting Darren's address on the internet. I wonder if Darren received my letter?

Up next was a win from Huggies. A HUGE $10 gift card for Home Depot. Woo Hoo. That one is exciting eh? Hey a win is a win!

I have a few other wins too, consisting of multiple tote bags worth $1, or a few 24 can cooler bags. I won a set of chairs for my dad, which I am secretly hoping he will donate back to me. I first have to tell him I won both luggage and chairs. I guess I better get on that before they just randomly show up at his house! I have yet to receive anything from this contest (Maple Leaf) though.

In other news, when I am not working, running, entering contests, or eating, I tend to be doing a lot of this

Yep a big week of training with some good quality workouts added to late nights and early mornings equals daily naps to catch up on missed sleep. What better way to recover than to sleep right? Well added to eating and drinking fluids.

I hooked up with my buddy Mark who also went to Eugene and ran a solid 1:23 half marathon for a workout recently. I was feeling tired leading up to the workout, including the warm up, but we worked together and pulled each other through with good efforts. We were both pleased with it and he has advised me that he will likely join me for a few more workouts in the future too. That suites me just fine because I do pretty much 100% of my training alone so it is definitely nice to have company once in awhile. I hope that I can pull Mark through to a faster time so that I can chase him and use him to help me get faster! We'll see how that goes!

In the meantime, I should get to bed earlier tonight considering I am not working. Speaking of work, we had a shock last week when one of our Assisted Living Residents passed away expectantly on Tuesday night. Our Assisted Living unit has been open since October 2008 and this was our first death in the facility. We have had residents go to the hospital and pass away or pass away before they moved in or after they have moved out, but never in the facility until last week. Definite shock to all of us. RIP RC.

Okay off to bed, see you on the trails!

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