Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hello from the airplane. I find myself on a US Airways flight to Phoenix and then onto Flagstaff without a tv screen. I guess I have been too spoiled with Air Canada and West Jet flights. It’s funny how even those airlines look more “posh” than this airline, even though they are still somewhat bare minimal. I have been watching downloaded tv shows, but decided to take a break to start a blog post as I haven not updated since my last race in July.

Some of you reading will be a bit surprise to find out I am on my way to Flagstaff as I have been somewhat hush hush about this trip. A few of you knew, but I didn’t really “advertise” it much. I was fortunate enough to receive some funding from Nanaimo Sport Achievement awards this year in which paid for a good chunk of my trip.

Since Summerfast, my training has picked up in intensity quite a bit. Everything has been going well and my workouts are still pretty strong even though they are done on tired legs. I have had a few huge workouts that have been definite confidence boosters and after adding in this stint in Flagstaff, I am hoping for a strong fall season.

Races are scheduled in already, but only in pencil at this time. I have ideas and “plans” for certain races, but as any runner knows, things can happen and plans can change. Since they are still in pencil, I don’t plan to make any formal announcements as of yet, though I can tell you that one race is scheduled in ink. I can confirm I will be running for Team BC this September at the National 10km Championships in Toronto (aka Toronto Zoo Run). I had the pleasure of making the team last year as a few of the top 4 Timex finishers turned down their invitations for the team. This year, I earned my spot by finishing 2nd in the Timex Series, ensuring my spot on the team.

Zoo Run is a race for place as it is not known to be the fastest course. Simply think of the name (Zoo Run) and you should understand (aka running a race inside an actual zoo). Yes Giraffes, Zebra’s you name it, all line the course, though last year I didn’t really notice any of the animals until the cool down after the race. This year they have apparently altered the course again. This seems to be a yearly thing as they try and improve the course and of course also deal with changes in the actual zoo. I look forward to the trip in a months’ time.

In the meantime, I still have plenty of hard training to go. Let the fun begin!!

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