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From Highs to (S)Lows - 2013 Banque Scotia de 21k Montreal

** I have been writing this for over a week. Funny how you aren't motivated to write about the less than ideal races***
From the highs of the Sun Run to the lows and slows of Montreal! This post has a totally different tune than my last one so let’s just get it done and over with!

Recovery after the Sun Run was great. I had a shake out run the next morning and it felt good, very little tightness. I followed that up with a great massage from Yvonne. The following day was great again. Wednesday I had a mini leg shaker and it felt great (maybe I pushed it too hard). Thursday was a bit more tired but I was hoping it was due to the workout. I worked Thursday night until 10:15pm and then flew out of Nanaimo Friday morning at 7:25am. I met up with Marilyn Arsenault in Vancouver and we flew out of Van at 9:00am. It ended up that we were sitting right across from each other so it was good to catch up. 

Feet up in Nanaimo

Sunrise in Nanaimo

There was a wheelchair athlete booked into the seat in front of me, which had a woman in the middle and a child in the window. The woman asked if the athlete would be okay with her and her son climbing over her throughout the flight and then when the athlete didn’t really say anything, the woman asked if she could sit in the seat behind (my seat). I felt like a total beotch for saying no because normally I would totally make the switch; however, I too did not want the woman and kid climbing out all the time. The athlete was able to switch and take the window in my row anyways, so it worked out. As it turns out, the woman and kid were up and about at least 4-5 times throughout the flight not to mention the kid was climbing over the seat to his other mom and the other kid ahead of them. Fun airplane times!

We arrived in Montreal around 5pm and waited forever for the bags before meeting up with Brendon (CRS Elite Coordinator) and Eric Gillis for our ride to the Novotel Hotel downtown. Once I arrived and checked in, a quick lobby meet up with Rejean Chiasson and Dayna Pidhoresky before I went off and did a short 40’ jaunt through downtown. I got a bit lost on the way back running 3 blocks too far, then doing a loop around the block and not knowing which way to go. Thankfully a very nice girl searched my hotel on her phone and directed me back for 43’ total. Then it was off to dinner with Eric and Marilyn.

My roomie Meggan Franks arrived shortly before 10pm after a detour to the wrong Novotel hotel! We were roomies last year, so it was nice to catch up again. She has the cutest little 2.5 year old daughter! Not long after she got settled and had something to eat, I drifted off to sleep and slept pretty good that night.

The next morning Meggan headed off for her run as she needed to be back by a certain time, so that left me and Marilyn to run. We had an easy 30’ run with some strides half way as we found a park. The strides didn’t feel so great to me, but the easy runs had been good since arriving. After a quick shower when we returned, I then headed out to lunch with Krista DuChene and Marilyn.

Later that afternoon, we had our elite technical meeting, then headed out to dinner. This time we had a larger group which included Rejean, Lisa Avery, Marilyn, Kerri, Krista and Meggan. I sprung for some Lasagna and it was okay. I fell asleep early that night, probably around 9:30; however, I only slept for a about 30 minutes (if that) before I woke and spent the next 2-3 hours tossing and turning. The room was mega hot and I had to get up for the washroom many many times. By morning I caught a little sleep on and off and felt as though I had no fluid left in me. Perfect for what was supposed to be a warm day!

We headed off to the course and hung out on the cots for a bit before heading out on a warm up. This time it was Marilyn, Krista and I. I didn’t feel that great in the warm up, which didn’t surprise me as the same thing happened at Sun Run. I got back to the elite room and attempted to hit the washroom line. The race organizers had set up a private bathroom for elite and media people. Unfortunately, a few non elite and non media people decided that they were special enough to use it too and became quite rude when organizers asked them to leave. In the end one organizer took me down to the main washroom and basically apologized to all racers and put me at the front of the line. Sorry ladies. Thank you for understanding! 

Bus ride to the course (I stole Eric's photo)

Elite Room (stole Alan Brook's Photo)

See, we relaxed pre-race (also Eric's photo) with Rejean

This delay resulted in me basically grabbing my stuff and racing down to the start. I got in about 2 strides and very few drills before we were on the line for a moment of silence for Boston. Then we were off. Marilyn and I were side by side for the first 2-3km and then she mentioned picking it up to catch Lisa slowly so we could run as a group. Unfortunately by that time, I knew picking it up was not an option for me so I let her go. 
Start Line

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the race. Basically, after 2-3km I realized my legs were not there. I hoped they would come around as I warmed up, but they never did. I fell off pace rather quickly after 2km which made the final 19km brutally long. I struggled with stomach issues as per usual (I have to figure this issue out) and crossed the line in 1:21:03. I found parts of the course windy (not as bad as last year though) and it was warm. Warm enough that I was dumping water over my head.

First few km (I think) or could be on the final loop
Coming around the first loop with Meggan (approx 4-5km)


Just over 10km. I apologize to this guy as I got frustrated with him drafting behind me. Sorry buddy. 
 Over the bridge for the last loop
Last 3-4km
Of course I was pretty disappointed in the result. While many pointed out that I finished 6th overall (money went to 5th), and 1st in my age group, it didn’t really help. Sure 6th was good, but there was a 2 minutes gap between 5th and myself. I went into this race expecting to best my PB of 1:19:57, especially after the Sun Run in 34:42. Unfortunately, my legs didn’t agree and decided to take the weekend off. Not even sure if they got on the flight with me. Nevertheless, it is what it is and there is nothing I can do about it now but reflect and move on.

Results can be found here.

I had an amazing weekend and am very thankful to CanadianRunning Series and Banque Scotia de 21k Montreal for bringing me to the race. I wish I had performed better to truly feel like I earned it.

I flew out later than evening and while at the airport killing time with Dayna Pidhoresky and Josh Seifarth we spotted a traitor. See for yourself. It was a long flight home that left over an hour late from Montreal, which cut down on my 2 hour wait in Vancouver. I flew back into Nanaimo at 11pm. Needless to say after the long day I was glad to be home!
Post race with Meggan, Kerri and Marilyn

 Post race cookie courtesy Rejean! I am spoiled! ;)
Rejean and me

The Top 6 girls (Rachel Hannah-5th, Krista-1st, Myself-6th, Dayna-2nd, Lisa-3rd, Marilyn-4th)
Myself and Eric
Lastly, Meggan and I had weird entrance to our bathroom. I had to take a photo of it.

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