Friday, May 24, 2013

Back Out East

Very quietly, I headed back out east yesterday morning, flying out of Nanaimo at 7:25am. Destination...... Ottawa! A few people knew my plans ahead of time, but for the most part I kept it quiet. Going into Montreal I felt quite a bit of pressure after my stellar race at Sun Run. So this time, I didn't want to hear tune predictions or how people thought I was going to do.

Things have been okay since Montreal, but not great. My legs are holding in there and I really have zero expectations going into tomorrows race. Seriously, zero expectations. I plan to run my best on the day and what will be will be. If I can pull out a great one, that would be a nice bonus.

I have been rooming with Natasha Fraser with Lanni Marchant right next door. We have a joining door so really it's one big room. Watch out Saturday night! ;-)

The elite list is stacked. I was very relieved to see I am not the slowest on the list. The elite women start at 6:26pm eastern and the elite men at 6:30pm as they offer a gender bonus. I hope I don't get run down too fast.

I have included some photos from the trip so far. Since I am posting from my phone, I have no idea how this will turn out.

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