Saturday, April 28, 2012

Montreal thus far

Well hello from Montreal! I would love to say I have seen Montreal but honestly I haven't. We have been placed in a hotel only a km from the airport and I have been told it's at least a 30 min drive into the city. Time has not really allowed that today with having to be at a meeting at 4pm. Not seeing much had been a disappointment.

The weather is also disappointing. we flew into winds. The wind hasn't gone anywhere since arriving nearly 24 hours ago. 2 runs completed and both had gusts of at least 40km/hour. Side winds that blow you off course and headwind that stops you in your tracks nearly. Tomorrow is calling for similar. It's also somewhat cold. -1 this morning that felt like -7. Definite fun!

it has been fun though. Great roommate Meghan whom I am meeting for the first time. Then multiple other people are here too some of which I have never met before.

Anyways fingers crossed with the wind. Goals have changed slightly.

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