Sunday, April 1, 2012

Everyday I'm Struggling....

Well.... I think the title says it all. The Tuesday after the St. Patricks race I had a less than ideal workout which was followed by an evening coughing at work. I simply thought it was a tickle in my throat; however, when I woke up Wednesday I definitely had a cough. Otherwise I felt okay. By Friday it turned into a head cold along with the cough. My workouts were cancelled and replaced by easy running, which made the head cold feel better. I worked all weekend, even though I probably should have called in (especially Friday) and slowly on Saturday and Sunday my head cold became a lot better. 

But.... the cough remained. Here I am 13 days after the cough initially started and I STILL cannot get rid of it. No workouts since. Only easy running and even then I feel like I have no energy and paces that used to be easy, are not. Coughing still exists. Last week a deep breath was followed by a wheezing sound in my lungs. With the weekend coming, I attempted to get a doctors appointment but it was all booked. So I spent Friday evening at the walk in clinic where I was prescribed Antibiotics to try. I have had 5 doses and I have seen no difference. I guess its viral and I have no choice but to wait it out. 

As much as this sucks, especially with some big races coming up, I have to be grateful because I haven't been sick in awhile. Not to mention I haven't had a chest cold/cough in YEARS. It's just disappointing that it happens now. I hope to god I am over it by the end of the month, but of course the sooner the better. Although it may not seem like it, I definitely am trying my best to stay positive and not to stress too much. =)

Hope everyone else's training is going much better! I'll be back.... eventually =)

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Anonymous said...

That's terrible. I hope it gets resolved soon!!