Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ups and Downs

I was supposed to race the Bazan Bay 5km today. That was the plan, but instead I am sitting at home while yet another race pass me by. I tell myself that there will be plenty more for me though. I will get my chance. Congrats to all those that raced, with a close finish that saw Jim Finlayson (14:58) take top spot, Steve Osaduik (14:59) and my coach Matt Clout (15:02). Top female was Paula Findlay in 16:33. The 2011 Bazan Bay 5km Results can be found here.

I received word on a new bone scan date........ April 12th. So 1 month and 10 days after the original date scheduled. It also happens to be 18 days after the date of my MRI. I was supposed to have the bone scan first. Oh well. What a lovely health care system we have here. I saw that the entire country of Canada has less MRI machines than they do in Pittsburgh. Isn't that crazy? Look at this stat that I found

Canada has one of the lowest rates of MRI scanning machines per capita in the developed world, with six MRI scanners per million people, compared to 40.1 in Japan, 14.4 in Switzerland and 26.6 in the United States. Pittsburgh alone has more MRI machines than all of Canada. 

Some good news though is that I have done some running lately, though all on the treadmill. I completed 4 runs of 30' this week and 1 run of 45'. They were not 100% pain/ache free as my lower abdominal/groin issue is still around. Even after 4 weeks since my last real run/workout. But my hip issue seemed better. I felt it very rarely and a lot less than 4 weeks ago before I stopped running. Hopefully this is a good sign for that issue. I will still need the MRI for the main issue of the abdominal pain since Dec 2009 and that may result in surgery and/or time off. I would like to run as tolerated until that time if possible. 

So that is where things stand as of now. Fingers crossed I can increase the running without any issues! 


Molly said...

Fingers crossed that things stay quiet while you start running again and hope your test dates hurry up and arrive already!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Opps!! Type-o in my previous comment. Nice to hear that the hip is improved. Any running is good running though it be the treadmill. Hope your exam stays on schedule this time so that can finally get t othe bottom of your problems.