Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy MRI Day!

It's finally here. My MRI and Arthrogram is today, though technically it seems like Wednesday night still as I haven't gone to sleep yet but it is after midnight.

I stopped running shortly after my last post and went back to cross training. New this week is some aches in the hip during cross training. Bugger you hip, please don't take cross training away from me too. I will lose my mind if that happens. Guess we'll see what happens with my tests.

Also I received a new appointment for my bone scan. It's now April 11th instead of April 12th. Wow eh? I have a feeling this will likely change again but we'll see.

So MRI Thursday then I see an osteopath on Friday. Never been to one but it was suggested and at this point I'll try anything.

Alright time for bed. Will update thus weekend after the tests!


Anonymous said...

Think positive thoughts ... positive thoughts

Molly said...

Thinking good thoughts for clear, fixable results!!!