Monday, July 11, 2016

Rebuild 2016

First off I apologize for the delay in this update. Life has been a little bit chaotic to say the least. Better late than never right? Okay, onward to the injury update.

It's been 6 weeks since I attempted the Calgary Half Marathon and it's been 9 weeks since I initially tweaked my hamstring. I have just received an "ok" to trial running again. While I haven't felt the hamstring in weeks, we wanted to play it cautious and even still I am not in the clear to go back to it full stop. Easy running is okay, but I haven't been cleared for any speed.

Let's back up to about 2 weeks post injury, I had an ultrasound done on my hamstring which showed a small tear in my medial hamstring behind the knee. Darn it. That pop I felt during the race was not good but thankfully due to me sucking up my pride and pulling out for my first ever DNF, I was able to save myself from any further damage. 

Thank goodness, I was able to cross train and was pretty OCD about it for the last month, training 2-3 hours a day between the elliptical and the bike. The elliptical was a challenge as the gym I go to only had one and technically they have a 30 minute time limit. Every so often I was interrupted for someone else to get in their workout. I made the best of it and did my strength and rehab before getting back on. My only pet peeve was that the elliptical faces the row of treadmills so sorry to those on the treadmills who received my death stare as I elliptical'd (yes I know it's not a word) away in utter jealousy. And that is coming from someone who hates treadmills. Who knew I'd be craving to run on one.

Just shy of 5 weeks post injury I was given the approval to begin running again. My hamstring was easily able to handle strength/physio exercises on it so the green light was given to start with 15-20 minutes. I had done a short 5 minute jog just prior to receiving approval (cause I am that stubborn) and it actually had me leery as to whether I was ready or not. My first "official" run back I did 20 minutes and I had mixed feelings regarding the run. I still worried whether it was too soon. The last thing I wanted to do was to go backwards in my rehab. I did NOT want to start over.

The next day I trialed 30 minutes and that run was WAY better than the day before so I finally had hope. Then again, I knew it had only been 2 runs so I wasn't ready to say I was on the official "comeback" trail as of yet. Not to mention my body absolutely hated me during those initial days. The injury itself was fine, but absolutely everything else lower body was sore as can be. The shock of impact again threw my calves, quads and the rest of my hamstrings into utter soreness.

Since the initial run on July 1st, I have slowly been building back up. I am up to 60 minutes easy and have done that multiple times. I am currently holding at 60 minutes for a short period. My fitness is decent I would say. It's not horrible but it's obviously not where it was 6+ weeks ago. I have to keep reminding myself that I am only 10 days back into this routine. My body is no longer sore and I know fitness will continue to build. I will be ready for this Fall and I will smash my goals set. 

Thank you to all those who stood by me for support during these last 6+ weeks, whether professionals for treatments (Abe and Brandon from Island Optimal) or friends, I know I can be a handful when I am broken. This injury came at a stressful point in my life when I needed running the most so thanks to those who I leaned on for support (K, R, T, T). Sometimes I may not have wanted to hear your words of advice, but nevertheless, I appreciate you all. 

To those I might have pushed away (both friends and family) during this time, I apologize but I did what I felt I needed to at this time. I was overwhelmed with life but deep down I still value your reaching out. 

To the new friends who came into my life during this time, you met me at a low so thanks for accepting me as I was! In the end life goes on and all will be okay. Fall 2016 you and me have a date!

 Back to my happy place

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