Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thanks for Nothing Medical System

Back in April while in Maui I began to have some SI pain and saw my doctor upon returning. He stressed that it was likely nothing but a crooked pelvis and locked SI so I ran the Sun Run as planned (which was in my opinion a disaster and I ended my season early). You can read about the Sun Run here and the post race debacle here

Shortly after the Sun Run I had a bone scan done at NRGH and received word back shortly after that everything was normal. That led to much confusion as to what was going on with me. My doctor kept stating it was because my pelvis was crooked yet I kept telling him that there was more going on. I took my 2 week end of season break and attempted to come back running but things still felt off so after 10 days I stopped again and hit the pool. I blogged that it was about 6 weeks until I returned to running as I slowly worked into it again. 

Things since then have been progressing quite well. Summerfast was decent for my first race back and training has been going quite well as I have been getting fitter each week. That brings me to today (almost an hour ago), when I missed a phone call and saw I had a voicemail. I checked the voicemail and heard my doctors voice and this is what I heard. 

"Hi Erin, this is Dr. Goodall calling. I got a call today from Dr Sheriff. . They were looking at some of the bone scans they had done this year for a study they were doing. He noticed that the scan you had done on April 23rd 2015 did in fact show a small evidence stress fracture in your right pubic ramus. I was just phoning to see if it has resolved or if it was still bothering you. We kind of already knew about that as it seemed to be there clinically. If you want to come talk to me or have more test done please give the office a call." 

Umm WTF? It would have been nice to have been told this back in April and not be told that the scans were FREAKING CLEAR. Really nice to find this out in September, nearly 4 and a half freaking months later. I do remember reading about pubic ramus stress fractures a year ago and kind of remember reading how it is common to get a second stress fracture in the opposite side when dealing with the pubic ramus but I could be wrong. 

So yes, in May 2014 I had a stress fracture in the LEFT pubic ramus and then apparently in April 2015 I had evidence of a small stress fracture in the RIGHT pubic ramus. Please god let me be done with those stress fractures. 

And yes, I will be calling the doctors office tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.  

PS. I should point out that I have no pains in either stress fracture site and am still training towards my fall race goals. 

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