Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Thank You's!

New Years Eve! Wow what a year! Let's recap, I ran 15 races varying in distance from 5km to half marathon. I traveled to Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and San Jose for races, plus my second altitude stint in Flagstaff. I also made Team BC for the National Championships for both 10km and XC. Needless to say it has been an amazing year. 

Runners are obsessed with numbers, I could count up my mileage for the year, but it really means nothing to anyone else. So let's talk about other times, how about personal bests. 2013 was a year in which I set bests in every distance I raced including these highlighted distances! 

5km- 17:57 (2012) to 16:47 (2013)
10km- 36:44 (2012) to 34:42 (2013)
Half marathon- 1:19:57 (2012) to 1:17:03 (2013)

Overall I think running wise it was a very good year. The times I achieved were faster than what I expected. In fact, they were pretty much times I had set as long term goals for 2014. Instead I overachieved I guess you could say reaching those goals in 2013. You know what that means? Even bigger goals for 2014! 

Since the year is about to end I should say a few thank yous. Thank you to Saucony Canada for the past 3 years, it was a great partnership. 

Thank you to both the Bastion Running Club and Prairie Inn Harriers for your continued support, as well as VIRA. Also the Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards where I also took home Nanaimo's Individual Female Athlete of the Year for 2012. All four of these groups have helped fund me in some way towards my goals. 

Thanks to Alan Brookes, CRS and the many race/event organizers and volunteers for having me at your races. 

To my family (who support in person or from afar), friends (both in person and on social media) and to my co-workers (who do their best to get me time off for race/training needs) thank you for your support. I love reading your words of encouragement. Runners are a bit OCD at times and I appreciate you all understanding the everyday requirements of training.  

To Alicia Shay for allowing me to spend 3 weeks in her home the last 2 summers, thank you! I look forward to seeing you again this coming year! 

Of course thanks to the people who take care of me and play a huge role in keeping me healthy. These people include my Chiropractors Dr. Abe Avender who not only puts up with my last minute emergency appointments but ensures my body is ready to keep rolling as well as Dr. Joe Foglia who is also available with his expertise when needed. Between these two I am set though I can't forget my RMT is Yvonne Visser who has magic hands and can work wonders on my tired muscles.

Lastly, my coach of course. Matt Clout and I have known each other for years upon years. He took me on in late 2008 and has played a massive role in getting me to where I am right now. I am proud to have him as my coach and only wish we lived in the same city (he is in Victoria, me in Nanaimo) so that he could assist me through some of my workouts first hand. I look forward to seeing what we can do in 2014!

As I mentioned, I have big plans for 2014, which includes my first National Team where I will run for Team Canada at the 2014 NACAC Championships. See the local news article here.This reminds me that I need to add a thank you to Josh Aldrich from Nanaimo Daily News and his dedication to keeping up to date with my race results.

I wouldn't doubt that I am missing some important people in here, so I may add to this post later! Otherwise, I wish everyone a happy healthy new year!

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