Friday, November 9, 2012!

  Have you heard about If not, you must check it out. Back at the beginning of May 2012 two Canadian National Kayak athletes (Etienne Morneau and Antoine Meunier) launched SportCaf√© which is an online media that exclusively covers Canadian amateur and Olympic athletes. Their site features a one stop “read” to catch up on the latest blog posts from various athletes throughout Canada including my own.

I believe that this site is an excellent idea and it has helped bring quite a few hits to my own blog. My blogger counter is currently at 839 for my Victoria Half Marathon racereport. I have NO idea how that happened as I think that is insane; however, that is what the counter says! So thank you to Etienne and Antoine for their support and promotion of not only my blog, but of many other athletes out there in Canada who are fighting to share their story and experiences as well. So…. Have you checked it out yet? What are you waiting for? Go to!

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