Monday, June 18, 2012

The Last Month

Post Oak Bay half, I took a short break followed by some short easy runs. I think it was what my body needed. A few familiar niggles have crept back into my body since Montreal and I am still keeping an eye on them. I am not in the clear yet; however, I have taken proactive measures by seeing Marcus Blumensaat in Victoria by recommendation of Marilyn Arsenault to hopefully create enough strength to rid myself of these niggles permanently (holy run on sentence, sorry). 

In the last month I have spent time at 3 track meets, which included the Vancouver Island High School Championships with my NDSS kids, which saw 7 of the kids move on to the BC Championships at the start of June. Unfortunately due to work and unwilling coworkers when it came to switching shifts, I was unable to attend those Championships. I also attended the Harry Jerome meet in Vancouver and the Victoria Track Classic

The meets certainly got the itch back into me with regarding to stepping back on the track; however, as much as I want to do that, I won't attempt it this year. Should I be able to stay injury free for another year, I may consider a few fun races next year. 

Highlights of Harry Jerome was watching Jessica Smith hit the A standard in the 800 and also watching Malindi Elmore run in person. While she didn't achieve the results she was looking for due to likely jet lag, I always enjoy watching her run in person. Not to mention Natasha Wodak run a new best of 4:24, which is great considering she is mostly a dominating road runner now! 

Natasha Wodak (#2)

Malindi Elmore

As for the Victoria Track Classic, I again enjoyed multiple races. With a former NDSS student and now UVic student Forrest Simpson breaking the 4 minute barrier in the 1500m, and current NDSS students Rebecca and Miryam Bassett running new pb's of 4:41 in the 1500. Again, it was neat watching Hilary Stellingwerff, who has already achieved A standard in the 1500, run a fast 800 for speed work. Plus Nate Brannen getting ready for his Olympic run in the 1500. Although I may not run track anymore, I did grow up in the sport and will always be a huge fan. 

Rebecca (#15) and Miryam (#19)

Nate Brannen going for the win

Women's 800 down the back stretch (Hilary #7)

That takes me pretty much up to date. Next up, report on the Longest Day 5km from this past Friday. I think I'll make a new post though. Stay tuned, either today or tomorrow (hopefully).

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