Thursday, February 9, 2012

Local Celebrity

A couple weeks back I went to the local pub down the road for my co-workers birthday. One of my other co-workers there frequents that pub fairly often. Her way of introducing me to everyone she knew in the pub was by saying "you know that girl that is ALWAYS running around Cedar, that's her." Which was generally followed by "oh you are that girl." One guy even told me that I was like a local celebrity. I also even heard that no one runs in Cedar unless they are being chased by cops. It was definitely an amusing night, I had no name it seemed, just that running girl or that girl. Another birthday coming up next weekend, looking forward to some new antics!

Otherwise, training is going fairly well at the moment. Feeling fitter as the days go on and that is all I can ask for at the moment! I have some lofty goals this season and plenty of hard work ahead of me to ensure that I hit them! Bring it on! 

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