Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slow Progression

I suppose it is time for another update. I guess if I think back a few things have gone on over the past weeks. A few weeks ago I ran into a bear at Westwood Lake. I was there earlier than usual, which was 7:30 for me, just to do a 30 minute run. About 2km into the trail, I heard some rustling in the bushes off to my left, so I looked over. There I saw a bear about 15m away from me. He was in shallow water and looked over at me as I went by. A few seconds later as I went over a wood bridge, I heard him splashing around in the water. I didn't stop, but I did warn fellow runners/walkers that were coming towards me. That was my excitement on the trails. It was the 2nd time I have run into a bear at Westwood, the last time being about 4 years ago now I think. 

Otherwise, I finally heard some news about getting further tests done. I was in Vancouver a week ago (Tuesday the 12th) for what I thought was my Ultrasound and MRI; however, that turned out to be just an Ultrasound. I now have to go back this Friday the 22nd for my MRI. I will write an update about both adventures in my next post as I have some photos from my blackberry that I want to upload and don't feel like doing that tonight. 

Meanwhile my running is progressing. It's a slow progression and I feel rather unfit. I love that I am out running again as I certainly missed it; however, it plain old sucks to feel so unfit and to be working so hard to hold paces that used to be much easier. I know it will come back and I simply have to be patient, but I can't help but being honest and saying IT SUCKS. Running at slower paces beats not running at all though, so I am grateful. Again, I am not 100% healthy, my lower abdominal and hip flexors are still a pain every so often, but the hip pain that caused me to stop running hasn't shown itself in awhile. 

That is it for now. No fancy stories, no fancy photos. Just a quick update to say I am still here and I am still running. And actually I am enjoying this late "non-existent" summer as I dislike running in hot weather! These milder temps are much more enjoyable! Till next time, be grateful for any amount of running you can do, regardless of how fast or how far you go!

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