Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Rain has Come

The wet weather has arrived! The trails are muddy and the overall temperature is starting to slowly drop. The other night it rained and then the skies cleared, leaving frozen rain drops on my windshield for when I got off work at 11:15pm. Good thing the passenger side of my car leaks, so the carpet on the floor is a puddle. Makes for nice condensation on the inside of the window. Unfortunately it takes FOREVER to dry up. I just want to get home after work, so waiting for my windshield to defog annoys me. I have taken to using a rag to wipe it off, which leaves nice a nice streaky windshield the following morning. Ahh winter is on its way. 

Not a huge fan of winter. I hate being cold and it doesn't take much for me to get cold. I hate the short days as well because it makes my electricity bills and gas bills go up. I love snow though, but probably only because we rarely get a lot of it anymore and generally when it comes, it's gone real fast. 2 years ago now we had our worst snowfall in awhile. Not because we had a lot, but because it hung around for about 6 weeks. That is unusual for here. I was sick of snow by the time it finally disappeared, but running in fresh snow is the best. Fresh snow and Yak Trax. My co-workers and neighbours call me crazy.... wait, they already do that. But they tend to speak up more when it snows ;)

For the first time in awhile, I had some company for my easy run yesterday. The Westwood Boys were meeting at 8am, except I could not drag myself out of bed. Instead I got to the lake at 9am intending to run or at least start with Bastion. The Westwood Boys arrived back at the entrance at 9am, so I was able to run the first half with most of them and then the second half with Trevor. It was nice to have some company while I got extra muddy from the many puddles around the lake. 

Training is going well. I am feeling good for the most part, but still have some niggles here and there. I feel good in the workouts, but the body is giving me some aches and pains at times. I STILL have that darn lower abdominal ache, but it isn't as bad lately (has its ups and downs). But lately I have had lower back pain that seems to go into the hip and towards the sit bone. At times it can send a numbness into my right leg where it feels weak briefly then goes back to normal. The new pains must all be connected, through something stuck in either my back or hip. At least that is what I am guessing. I will have to keep an eye on it and get it checked out when I get a chance. Until then, I just have to make sure warm ups are done properly and I should be okay. 

Less than 2 weeks till Nationals!

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